Enhance your recording with a Karaoke Microphone

by admin on August 23, 2010

Karaoke microphones enhance the voice quality significantly by producing even a mediocre voice sound more melodious. These microphones have proved very useful for musicians worldwide. A large number of sound recordists and other musicians have realized the advantage of karaoke microphones over regular ones. Due to this, the karaoke technology is being progressively used for recording songs.

Composers and singers have occupied schedules and frequently they face problem of remaining present at the same place (recording studio) at the same period to record songs. Nevertheless, because of to karaoke technology, singers and composers have the liberty to record the music by working independently from their respective locations without being together.

Karaoke microphones are either corded or cordless/wireless and come in several designs and costs. Based on their distinct features and capabilities, the cost of different Karaoke microphones varies.

Corded microphones can cost you about $25, whereas wireless karaoke microphones are comparatively moreexpensive and can cost you around $75. Some top quality karaoke microphones can even cost you around $300.

When purchasing a karaoke microphone, you should take into account important factors, such as its frequency response.It isrecommended that you choose buying a lightweight microphone having a range of 100-12,000 Hz.

Another essential characteristic you have to think about is the directionality of the microphone. Karaoke microphones are either unidirectional or omni-directional. A unidirectional microphone is best matched for Karaoke singing while the omni-directional microphone is perfect for choral groups and orchestras.

Buy a karaoke microphone containing ambient noise filters to shield unwanted background noise.

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