Clip-On Microphone

by admin on September 13, 2010

A clip-on microphone is a kind of microphone that is especially designed to be attached to the user. A clip-on microphone is called so, as it can easily be attached to the user’s clothes just with the help of a clip. While the clip-on microphone can be attached anywhere on the body, it is usually clipped to the lapel of a jacket, on necktie or in front of a shirt.

Clip on microphones function through wireless technology. The microphone is attached to a battery-powered transmitter through a cord. The transmitter then sends the signal emitted from microphone through VHF or UFH frequencies to a receiver, tuned to the same frequency as the microphone.

Clip-on microphones offer maximum portability and are very convenient. These microphones are perfectly suited for performers or singers who have a less conspicuous style and don’t move extensively around the stage when performing.

A very striking advantage of clip-on microphone is it doesn’t cause any damage to the instrument it’s attached to. This is because clip-on microphones have hand-made clamps, which ensure they don’t cause a damage to even of the most delicate instrument.

When using this microphone with a music instrument, users don’t require screws or holes to attach it to their instrument. To use a clip-on microphone, they simply need to clamp it to their music instrument.

The most prominent drawback of clip-on microphones is that the user cannot move the microphone away from the face as and when required.

The sound quality of clip-on microphone is low as compared to hand-held microphones.

The unique design of this microphone gives it more portability and makes it more convenient for the users.

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